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Per diem CNA jobs in Phoenix, Arizona

We are currently taking applications for Licensed CNA's to fill per diem shifts in Phoenix, AZ.

Nursa works with medical facilities to help fill their Per Diem shifts. Apply now and we'll connect you with available shifts in your area so you can pick up an extra shift and earn some extra money. Per Diem shifts offer great pay and flexibility and are a great way to supplement your current job.

Standar Hourly Rates

RN $36-$51/hr
LPN $36-$51/hr
CNA $18-$25/hr

This is such a great way for me to make some additional money and coordinate a traveling job that one has to be a few shifts that work with my schedule. The staff have all been amazing and super helpful too. Just got my first check abd I kept telling my husband I can't believe how easy of a process that was!!!


Find High-Paying CNA Jobs in Phoenix with PRN Nursa App

Nursa™ is a per diem nursing agency that is connected to hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, long term care centers, and home healthcare settings to bring PRN shift opportunities to local CNAs and certified caregivers. Clinicians who work per diem shifts often earn a higher hourly rate than regular full-time or part-time professionals. Moreover, PRN CNAs have opportunities to work in new medical settings, learn new skills, network with other professionals in the industry, and take control over their careers.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average for the hourly wage of certified nursing assistants (CNAs) is $14.77, but in the Phoenix area, their average hourly wage is $16.08. That’s great news for local CNAs, but even better is accessing the opportunity for earning more, by working per diem.

Download our smartphone application, create your digital professional portfolio, and browse the hundreds of PRN opportunities in the Phoenix area for you. Within our app, you can securely store all your compliance documentation and share it securely with facilities when you apply for a PRN shift.

Why Our CNAs Love Phoenix

For CNAs who like it hot, Phoenix is the perfect city to call home. Its dry desert climate means that the temperature very rarely falls below freezing, and despite the hot summer months, the spring, fall, and winter seasons are undeniably pleasant. It’s a large city too, with a population of over 1.5 million.

Phoenix is home to Fortune 500 companies, has a large military presence due to the nearby Air Force base, and has a bustling retail industry accounting. Healthcare is one of the top industries in Phoenix which means job opportunities for CNAs are secure and many. All these things combined mean that Phoenix is a large bustling city with diversity, culture, entertainment, and great food are a normal and expected part of everyday life.

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